Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the world andhas a distinctive culture, an independent foreign policy, a vibrant financialsector, an efficient legal framework that has become an outstanding businesslocation and a leading international player with trading links to majoreconomies in the world. The highly developed economy, political stability andstate-of-the-art infrastructure provides you with extensive support whilecreating a modern, diversified economy with wealth that is wisely maintained bythe Government of Qatar by investing in its people and nation.

The business climate in Qatar is open, relaxed andmeetings are held in English and Arabic, most people in the industry speakEnglish fluently, as Qatar is home to the largest expatriate community in theworld. The State is consistent in upgrading its infrastructure to make lifeeasier for businesses, companies and promotes foreign direct investment in the country through a series of laws that enable non-Qatari citizens to invest, ownor register a company in Qatar.

ALINAZ Service is an authorized agent forgovernment-related services to help you set up a company or business in Qatar.Our company offers you specialist services, including arranging of a localsponsor, office space, ministries approvals. Let it be a small or large scale newbusiness, we provide a quality company formation consultation at a low cost.

Dear friend, ifyou’ve already had a business in mind. Contact us; we can help you choose theright company structure for your business in Qatar based on your activity andyour sector.

1. Limited Liability Company

2. General Partnership Company

3. Limited Share Partnership Company

4. Holding Company

5. Public Shareholding Company

6. Joint Venture

7. Holding Company

8. Branch office

9. Commercial Agencies

10. Representative Trade Offices

11. Real Estate